Walking Sticks by artist Don Robertson of Calgary.

"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking"

- Friedrich Nietzsche

The Pleasures of Artistic Walking Sticks and Canes

One of the best ways to renew our inner peace is through regular walks. A simple walking stick or cane can be our best companion, an extension of ourselves, connecting all parts of our body in healing ways.

A walking stick is a meditation object - there is a subtle, almost subconscious comfort given to us by the feel of its movement, weight and balance as we walk. The use of a hiking staff allows the arms and shoulders to bear some of the stresses on the lower body joints and makes climbing and descending easier.

Using the arms involves more of the body in walking movement and makes it more enjoyable. Through this effortless harmonization we open up clear inner space for new ideas and insights.

Re-Find Art Walking Sticks...

are produced by artist Don Robertson of Calgary. His custom creations combine a playful and imaginative approach as he transforms everyday recycled materials into unique and functional art and conversation pieces.

Through the mindful and contemplative use of 'Re-Find' Art Walking Sticks in daily life, we hope that the intention and awareness behind their creation will inspire similar innovative thoughts in your own life and in others.

Walking stick materials need not be newly-manufactured or pristine... the freshest parts of ourselves are always our gifts of inspiration and imagination.

We invite you to browse through these pages, and perhaps you will discover a walking, hiking, pointing, spiritual or simple meditative stick that will enrich your walks and your streams of thoughts and help you to continually renew and re-find your own path.